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Much like the online dating scene in Austria, Denmark has a small but pretty effective online dating market.

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Current users of OCs have around 24% higher breast cancer risk compared to never users, a meta-analysis showed.[3] However, breast cancers in OC users tend to be less advanced compared with those in OC never-users.[3] The relative risk of breast cancer declines after OC cessation, such that 10 years after cessation no excess risk remains.[3,4] Breast cancer risk does not appear to increase with longer duration of OC use,[3,4] however, younger age at first OC use is associated with a larger increase in breast cancer risk.[3] The risk associated with OC use appears to be similar across OC formulations (which have changed considerably over time), family history, BRCA carrier status (though some evidence of no association with OC use in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers), and ethnicity.[3,5,6] Hormonal contraception is also available as injections, implants and patches.

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"Both said that this was a really common phenomenon: that dating sites have a notoriously low number of gay women, and that gay women are unlikely to flock to those services, ever." they exist, but even if you find one, the odds that she's your age and single and you connect with her on any romantic level at all are slim to none.